Welcome to the BBC School News Report for City Academy, Bristol. This morning we welcomed Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees who spoke to year 9 students about mental health and aspirations.

Our own BBC School News Reporters questioned him on these issues as well as some fun questions like, ‘do you ever have a pyjama day?’ Sadly the answer from Marvin on this one was ‘no’ – though I suppose we can let him off, as he’s a busy man these days.

Another group of young reporters also made their own video, questioning students and teachers around the academy on the issue of pay for footballers and doctors. Look out for their video exclusive on this site.

Once again, congratulations to all BBC School Reporters at City Academy and thanks to year 9. Watch out for the whole story on BBC Points West tonight 16th March 2017 and BBC Radio Bristol on the iplayer. As well as this you can view some of the pictures from the day on Twitter @CAB_english.