Year 8

In Year 8, the same structure as year 7 applies. We continue to offer students a broad curriculum allowing students to try lots of different subjects and study them in depth. English and Maths are taught for an hour every day. Each student also studies Science, Humanities and a Language so that they are well prepared and able to access the Ebacc. Students also study creative subjects on a rotation meaning they are able to learn Art, Music and Drama. We are also able to offer students the opportunity to study other Modern Foreign Languages. Students will follow the CLF KS3 Curriculum. This is a curriculum that has been designed by specialist teachers from across the Federation. For more information and to see what students learn in each subject please click here.
Subject Hours per week
English 5
Maths 5
Science 3
PE 2
Computer Science 1
Geography 1
History 1
Religious Education 1
Spanish 2
Art/Music/Drama 3