Tassomai is an online Science testing program which year 11 students are expected to use every day. It can be accessed from laptops, computers, tablets or mobile phones by visiting the website www.tassomai.com

It uses a multi-choice question platform, tailored to the exam specification and each students’ testing is dependent on their individual knowledge. The system uses an algorithm to identify strengths and weaknesses across each topic in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to ensure students cover all the relevant content.

In school, we have created competitions for students in order to encourage them to use the program. We update the leader boards every day and students are rewarded for their effort on a weekly basis.

Statistics prove that each student that completes 100{28a855aaf7ec3c2f8e6de878e39a01de7dfe63d87133dfa1f923b8b101e37c66} of the course goes on to achieve a grade C or above at GCSE. This year that will be a grade 4/5 or above.