World Book Day 2018

Students and staff took part in a week of activities for World Book Day.

Over half-term staff took part in a ‘Get Caught Reading’ competition and then students took part in a competition using these photos where students had to find the ‘caught’ image and number as well as the ‘reading’ image.

Staff completed a sheet about their favourite book. This has been collated and made into a book for students and visitors.

Students also took part in a World Book Day quiz.

On World book Day itself, students and staff were invited to wear fancy dress – dressing up as a book character. Students were all given a £1 World Book Day voucher and £1 books were available in the library so students were able to swap their voucher for a book!

Staff brought in their favourite book and read an extract to every class for five minutes at the start of each lesson, and in English students took part in a ‘story around the class’ where during silent reading time, students wrote two sentences of a story each and found how they could create their own story.